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From inception to full scale soap and personal care manufacturing, we are passionate in bringing concepts to life.

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Premier English Manufacturing Ltd

Premier English Manufacturing Ltd (Premco) specialises in the development and contract manufacturing of innovative and high quality soaps and personal care products.

With over 130 years of knowledge in soap manufacturing and valuable experience in personal care, we are committed to bringing our customers’ concepts to life, working hand in hand with them and offering unrivalled level of flexibility, support and advice.

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We stay ahead of the trends and bring to market the most state-of-the-art bar soaps: translucent soaps, soap on a rope, transparent glycerine soap, etc.

Body Care

With a strong knowledge in body care, we work with cutting edge raw materials and ingredients with measurable properties to deliver products that work.

Baby Care

Carefully designed to be mild and gentle and yet effective, we develop baby care products ranging from baby lotions to bump butter to pamper mother and baby.

Mens Grooming

Men’s skin routines are different from women’s. The formulations we use for our men’s products are tailored to fit men’s skin types and needs as well as their skin routines.

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