Introducing encapsulation technology in bar soaps

Recently, we have been asked several times to create bar soaps with targeted skin benefits, such as skin whitening soaps, anti-ageing soaps and anti-acne soaps. In the personal care industry, many leave-on products are able to claim these skin benefits because their active ingredients are left on the skin. It is more challenging to make these claims on bar soaps as they are wash off products. To answer this growing demand, we have introduced encapsulation technology in our bar soaps, where active ingredients are trapped into small capsules then released into the skin when in contact with the skin.

What is encapsulation?

Functional materials are encapsulated in the inner sub-micron spheres and/or the shell of the microsphere. When the bar soap is used, the microsphere is broken down first, followed by the sub-micro spheres. This allows a multi-component delivery system of materials to the skin.


Why encapsulation?

The technology allows the encapsulation of materials that function in a bar soap environment. For example, the use of water based actives, acids, AHAs, BHAs, volatile ingredients and other ingredients that would not normally stay on the skin post washing under normal circumstances. This means that various claims can be made for a wash off bar soap product. This exciting technology provides a new innovation for traditional bar soap.

Examples of potential products

This is only a small selection of what is possible. Please contact us for other bar soap solutions

  • Acne Relief Bar Soap
  • Analgesic/Pain Relief Bar Soap
  • Anti-Ageing Bar Soap
  • Anti-Cellulite Bar Soap
  • Antiseptic Bar Soap
  • Insect Repellent Bar Soap
  • Muscle Tone Bar Soap
  • Menthol Bar Soap
  • Skin Brightening Bar Soap
  • Skin Conditioning Bar Soap

Please contact us for further information:

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