soap manufacturer UK

Our mission: To bring your concept to life

With over 130 years of knowledge in soap manufacturing and over 50 years experience in personal care, Premier English Manufacturing Ltd (PrEMCo) specialises in the development and contract manufacturing of innovative and high quality personal care products; focusing on: bar and liquid soap, body care, hair care, mother and baby, and hand and foot care.

Soap Manufacturer UK

With all our team being on site, we can easily advise customers at any stage of the soap product development process, e.g. formulation, regulation, production. We also pride ourselves for being highly flexible as we can provide either a full new soap product development service or a partial one –depending on customers’ needs- and we can run small to high quantities.

Our customer base includes leading hotel and spa brands, established organic brands, retail brands and young and dynamic body care brands across the UK and the European market.

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