From cost efficient formulations to highly challenging ones, we are committed in developing products that meet your marketing claims and product specifications.

soap supplier UKOur extensive knowledge in the soap industry is gained from over a century in developing and manufacturing bar soaps.
To meet your final claims and your product look and feel, we work with a large choice of soap bases:

  • tallow base that is an animal derived ingredient
  • vegetable base, that can be opaque or translucent
  • speciality vegetable base that is highly foaming and contains a high glycerine content
  • syndet base (soap free), ideal for sensitive skin
  • hot pour base (SLS free, organic, etc)

Then, our experience in personal care has been sharpened by several decades in working closely with our customers, facing new challenges and constantly learning and improving.
We work with an extensive base of raw materials that includes: thickeners, emollients, actives, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc.

We can also deliver formulations without parabens, SLS, petro chemicals and other nasty chemicals to answer the growing concerns some chemical ingredients can have on consumers’ skin.