Bringing your concept to life goes beyond matching your brief.

Innovation & TrendsWe put ourselves in the end users’ shoes to understand their insights and ultimately develop a soap product that is successful in market. Consumer insights are first conditioned by their skin needs and their lifestyle, and we are proud to own an unparalleled skin knowledge sharpened by years of training, research and problem solving. Trends also shape consumers’ expectations on their personal care products. That is why we invest in market research to understand global and local consumer trends, popular product benefits and claims across categories to keep ourselves up to date with consumers’ insights.

We keep ourselves aware of the new raw materials, actives ingredients and packaging trends to better advise our customers and bring the best soap product to life. By applying an internal audit system both in our business and on our suppliers (certified ISO 9001:2008) and by following a quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) we provide our customers a guarantee that not only the raw materials and components we use are the best ones, but the final product also meets the ISO 9001:2008 UKAS standards.

Innovation and Trends