A product’s appearance, use and after feel are of cardinal importance as they condition the purchasing decision in the personal care market. We can advise and help you optimise your product’s texture, colour, fragrance and packaging.

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Texture and colour

For your product to deliver a unique experience, our R&D team can help you design a personal care product that delivers a unique experience. Keeping in mind consumers’ insights and market trends, they can create and bring to life the appearance, feel and consistency to envision for your product. So whether you require a gel-like cream, a super light lotion or an ultra rich butter, we are happy to help.

Look and Feel


For your product to make a difference from the shelf to the dressing table, we can infuse a signature scent to your product, we understand that fragrance does not only translate your brand personality, it does also tip the scales in favour of your product when consumers have different options, that is why we value our alliance with most renowned fragrance houses. We work with a extended and balanced portfolio of fresh, floral, oriental and woody fragrances across synthetic and natural fragrances.

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For your product to stand out on shelf and deliver a unique experience, we work hand in hand with packaging experts to find you the packaging that suits your target costs, consumer profile and product specifications.

Look and Feel