Premier English Manufacturing Ltd History

Premier English Manufacturing Ltd (PreMCo) builds on a strong heritage in bar soap manufacturing.

The company then followed an expansion strategy by extending its customer database to European customers in the early 90’s. It has then kept expanding, and the company now work with European, Asian and Middle East leading brands.

The Early Timespremco

Our history dates back in 1876, when two English gentlemen, James Rogers and William Murgatroyd of Bradford, England opened a soap factory they named Bradford Soap Works in Rhode Island, USA. Back then, the factory manufactured flake soap for wool scouring.

A few years later in the USA, another English man opened a soap manufacturing plant he also named Bradford Soap Works, but contrary to Rogers and Murgatroyd, he registered that name. As a consequence, Rogers and Murgatroyd renamed and registered their plant as ‘The Original Bradford Soap Works’. Until the 1940s, The Original Bradford Soap Works mainly manufactured industrial soaps for the textile and paper-making industries.

As the company leadership changed, so did its focus, and around the 1960s, a new business model was introduced. The business followed a vertical integration and sold soap bases and fine toiletry soaps. Its customer base also moved slowly from industries to consumers, groceries, drug stores and other retailers. It then pursued its growth through acquisitions.


Strategic Platform to Europe

In 1993, The Original Bradford Soap Works moved back to its English roots and opened a soap manufacturing UK subsidiary in Chester, England – the Duke of Westminster even commemorated its official opening! It has hence transferred substantial and valuable knowledge to the new subsidiary in addition of investing considerably in capabilities and equipments. The aim was for the Chester branch to become the European headquarters and access the European market easier. The site mainly manufactured consumer bar soaps and it rapidly achieved its initial business objectives.

soap manufacturer UK

Ready For Growth

In 2005 the Stephenson Group Ltd bought the company and officially renamed it Bradford Personal Care, and started to extend its business from bar soaps to liquid soaps then personal care (e.g. hair care, hand care, body care), investing significantly in research, resources and internal equipment.

The Next Steps

In 2008, Alan Morris acquired the majority interest of Bradford Personal Care and became the company’s new Managing Director. Under his helm, the company keeps registering positive growth year on year and is still expanding. Bradford Personal Care focused not only in delivering soaps and beauty products to a high standard (it is accredited ISO 9001:2008 and BRC), but also beauty products tailored to new market demands (product certifications include: Organic, RSPO, Halal). In 2014, due to a worldwide demand for its services, the company is investing heavily in overseas development. Market research showed that communicating ‘England’ and ‘Manufacturing’ in the company name resonates in the mind of its target overseas customers. In line with this, Bradford Personal Care Ltd has changed its name to Premier English Manufacturing Ltd (Premco).

Company growth:

2009 - 3 million
2010 - 3.5 million
2011 - 3.75 million
2012 - 4.3 million

2013 - 4.5 million

Our History