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Paraben free personal care products

All formulations of personal care products we develop are paraben free.

Whether they are young or well established, brands and private labels usually come to us to help them develop personal care products, such as bar soaps, body washes, haircare or skincare. At Premco (Premier English Manufacturing Ltd), we are committed in developing the safest formulations possible for the skin, avoiding harsh chemicals in our formulations when possible. One major concern for consumers is the effect of parabens (a highly controversial preservative) on their skin. Our Technical and Quality Manager, Steven, makes sure parabens ingredients are not used in our formulations.

Our RSPO formulation can now be endorsed by the Orangutans Land Trust

Palm oil, palm kernel oil and palm derived materials are key ingredients in cosmetics and food products. Unfortunately, unsustainable sourcing of these materials have led to deforestation of rain forests- the natural home for orangutans, and therefore to endangering the species.

A growing concern over the sustainable sourcing of palm oil has increased among consumers, who are increasingly looking for the RSPO label on products they buy. This label is a seal of approval of sustainable sourcing of palm oil from the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil.

We have been working closely with our suppliers, constantly making sure we use the best ingredients for our customers. Now, in addition of giving consumers assurance of responsible palm oil sourcing, we offer private labels the opportunity to promote their products as actively supporting the preservation of the orang-utans species.
What does it mean for us?

The RSPO formulation we offer is now backed up by the Orangutan Land Trust, an organisation dedicated to support the preservation, restoration and protection of forest in the areas where orangutans naturally exist or have existed in the past. They are happy to endorse our RSPO formulation.

What does it mean for private labels?

Brand owners and private labels can add an extra value to their RSPO products by displaying the ‘forest4orangutans approved’ logo, as a seal of approval from Orangutan Land Trust that our formulations do not endorse deforestation. Our current formulations can bear this endorsement, private labels do not need to be members of the Orangutan Land Trust and there is no annual fee involved in the use of the logo. All it takes is for private labels to make a charitable donation to support the Orangutan Land Trust.

What does it mean to the consumer?

Consumers can be assured about the ethical side of the product they buy. Not only the RSPO soaps are sustainably sourced, but they also help in saving the orangutan species.

Off-the-shelf bar soaps formulations

It normally takes 8 to 9 months to develop a bar soap from concept to first production; stability testing itself lasts for 12 weeks. We keep however receiving requests from private labels, asking us about ready-made formulations they can immediately take ‘off the shelf’ and turn around quickly (in approximately 2 to 3 months).

We offer a list of ‘off the shelf’ bar soaps, available in different shapes and sizes. Their formulations comply with the European cosmetics regulations and are fully approved. In addition, they have already passed stability test in a flow wrap and carton packaging.

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