Premier English Manufacturing Ltd (Premco) is an established manufacturer of bar and liquid soaps. We build from a strong heritage of bar soap manufacturing that dates back to 1876. Ever since, we have extended our business to manufacturing personal care products but making soaps remains a core business to us.

Solid and liquid soap manufacturer

We manufacture solid and liquid soaps.

Solid soaps (or bar soaps) can be made through two different ways: extrusion or hot pour, depending on the ingredients and the formulation of the soap. To make extruded soaps, the soap noodles and any additives are mixed together, extruded then stamped into bars.

The soap base that is used will determine its physical and chemical properties. For example, if we use a jelly soap base the soap will look gelatinous, and if we use an argan oil base the soap will be more oily and soft. In this case, the soap cannot be extruded; instead we use the hot pour process: the ingredients are heated and melt at high temperature and poured into moulds. The soap is removed from its mould once it has cooled down.

We also manufacture liquid soaps for body and face. These are commonly labelled: shower gels, body washes, cream washes, body scrubs, hand washes, facial cleanser. We blend specific additives such as exfoliating beads, etc. in a specific liquid soap base (SLES and SLS free, super foaming, etc)

Soap bases and additives

In order to achieve specific product specifications, we use different soap bases, for our solid and liquid soaps. These are few bases:

  • Glycerine base, a transparent base with high glycerine content
  • Vegetable base, made of plant derived ingredients only
  • Tallow base, that is a mixture of animal and vegetable contents
  • RSPO base, a sustainable vegetable base, made of sustainable palm and palm kernel oils.
  • SLES and SLS free base glycerine soap
  • Argan oil base
  • Jelly soap base
  • Shave soap base
  • And many others!

Then in order to achieve target marketing claims, we blend in some additives and active ingredients, such as: vitamins, butters, exfoliating agents.

We also add colours -synthetic or naturals ones- and fragrances – natural, synthetic, natural and synthetic, and organic certified.

Product certifications

In order to make their products stand out from shelf, many brands and private labels want their products certified by an external body. Being endorsed by an independent organisation often adds value to personal care products. We are a certified manufacturer of RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) products, Soil Association organic products, Soil Association Cosmos products and Halal products (to the standards of the Halal Authority Board). What does it mean? We formulate our products according to these external bodies’ standards then we help our customers deal with the required paperwork in order to have their products certified. The organisation’s logo is usually printed on the packaging and can also be used on communication materials.

We can also develop products that can be certified Vegan and Cruelty- free.

Packaging options for bar and liquid soaps

We offer different packaging options for our bar and solid soaps, in line with our filling and packing facilities.

Packaging for bar soaps are: pleat wrap, cello wrap, cartons, flow wrap, over wrap and any packaging by hand.

Packaging for liquid soaps are: bottles (PET, HDPE) with any plastic closure, or plastic jars.

Product testing

Once the formulation, the packaging, and the product development costs are approved, we put the soaps into testing. Stability testing and safety assessments are compulsory for solid and liquid soaps. Stability tests ensure that the formulation remains stable under different physical conditions (temperature and light exposure), and safety assessments ensure the product is safe for consumer use. Liquids contain water and also require a microbiological testing, to make sure the product does become contaminated.

Other product testing -such as dermatological test- are not compulsory but some brands and private labels require them to make further tests on the products, for instance to make sure toiletries are mild enough to use on babies’ skin, or to make sure strong claims are substantiated (e.g. long-term hydration, skin lightening, anti ageing). In this case we outsource bespoke testing and user trials.

Regulations and formulations

Our formulations comply with the EC 1223/2009 Cosmetic Regulation. However, some customers come to us to develop products for foreign markets, such as Asia and the Middle East. These countries have different regulations when it comes to the formulation of end products or the use of some cosmetics ingredients.

Based on brief, we formulate to meet the regulations of different countries.

Full scale manufacturing

We proceed to full scale manufacturing once the costs, formulation and packaging are agreed and the final product has passed all product testing.

Bar and Liquid Soap Manufacturing